Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mukidi First Job : Jokes

Once upon a time ….. on the first day Mukidi do the job as a truck drivers, Mukidi was arrested by police because some trafic accident.
Lets hev fan an be hepi
Police: “How the hell you can hit 20 people?”
Mukidi: “I drive my truck with 90km/hour. When I pass the three juction I realized that my brake is broken.”
Police: “Then… how can you hit that people?”
Mukidi: “Because my brake was broken, I cant stop my truck. On the left side of the road I saw 2 people walk, and on the right side of the road I saw the wedding party. There is much people gathering on the weeding party. Mr. Police Officer, if you are on my position, who will you hit?”
Police: “Of course I choose to hit the 2 people on the left side.”
Mukidi: “That precisely was I do sir.”
Police: “If u do that, Why the victims are more than 2?”
Mukidi: “That was the problem sir. I was choose to hit that two on the left side of the road. But when they saw my truck comming, they are runing to the right side of the road. So I swerve my truck to follow that two.”
Police: “Shit!! Stupid.”
Mukidi: “I agree sir. That two of people is stupid. If they are not run we can reduce the victim.”
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